CoViD-19 & Other Policies

Updated 7/01/2021

Please be patient with us. There is a nationwide shortage of groomers, and a Pandemic Puppy Boom.
We are doing our best to accomodate as many customers as we can.


Returning Customers:

     1. If we haven't seen you yet this year, 2021, you count as a new customer.

        Please refer to New Customer Policies below.

     2. Returning customers are STRONGLY encouraged to pre-book

          their next appointment before they leave, to ensure you get the date and time you need.

     3. Texting us is always the fastest way to get a response. 

     4. Current customers adding new dogs to their family count as returning customers.

     5. There is about a 3 week wait currently for appointments.

     6. We do not issue confirmation calls. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may be subject to a $50 no-show fee. Repeat no-shows may not be rescheduled, at our discretion. Of course, we understand Emergencies happen, and we do expect you to cancel your appointment if you have Covid-19 symptoms. Please write down your appointment time or set a reminder in your phone.

New Customers:

     1. Yes, we ARE taking new customers, with some exceptions. Dogs only, no cats.

     2. We recommend puppies start at 8 weeks for our "puppy package." Puppies must have seen your veterinarian at least once, for their first round of shots and health check, before coming in. The shots given by the breeder do not count.

     3. We are not currently taking new "difficult" or "aggressive" dogs. 

     4. We are not currently taking new "large" adult dogs which need haircuts. [Example: doodles, goldens, newfoundlands, st. bernards, bernese mountain, etc.] Exception will be made for current customers who are adding a pet to their household.

     5. We do not issue confirmation calls. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please notify us. No-shows will likely not be given additional appointments.


EVERYONE: Drop off & Pick up Procedures

· Please wear a proper mask if you are not vaccinated.
· Please be prompt for Pick up & Drop off times.

· If you are ill or have been exposed to C-19, please reschedule or send someone else to drop off.

· We try to have only ONE client in the lobby at a time. Please wait your turn.

· Payment Forms accepted:

     Cash  - Exact Change

     Check  -  Deposited Same Day** No floating **

     Credit/Debit  -  No Signature


** Returned Checks will be charged bank fee plus amount due, and future appointments will be pre-paid in cash.


Grooming Service Procedures

· Matted pets will be shaved. No exceptions.

· We strongly suggest a shorter haircut than usual, regardless of coat condition.

· Restrooms are NOT AVAILABLE.

· Phone will likely not be answered during business hours. PLEASE TEXT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

  Please text or leave a message, calls will be returned at end of day, as quickly as I can.



No-show fee of $50 will be applied for no call/no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

We do not issue confirmation calls. Write it down. Save it in your phone. Tattoo it on your forehead.


If I become ill, the Salon will have to close for at least 2 weeks, and all appointments will be cancelled.

Please make sure to check your messages.

THANK YOU for your patronage and your patience. We consider your dogs part of our family.